By nature, as I eat, I think critically about the food.  Is this fresh? Is this too salty?  Cooked correctly? Most importantly, is this one of the best eats I have ever had?  Whenever the answer to that last question is “OMG, yes,” I will put a review together for you.  (See the Collection of Reviews here).  I will be critical, but ultimately, because it is on this blog, it has passed with flying colors.

Every single restaurant I review should be on your restaurant bucket list.

When I travel, I try to eat something unique to that city, something that makes me feel like I have not only visited a city, I have tasted it.  In my hometown, I eagerly try new restaurants.  I don’t feel at home until I know all the city’s spots.

Next time you are planning a trip, visit here first and see if I have a restaurant recommendation.


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