I used to burn popcorn and make mashed potatoes out of a box.

Now I make up my own recipes (see the collection here), and I am bias, but I think they are pretty good.

This is not a “I can cook, let me teach you” blog.  This a, “I love experimenting with food, and end up cooking some yummy stuff, I will show you, and you can do it too,” blog. 

The recipes posted on EATS BY PK are my inventions.  I made them up, typically inspired by watching food network or eating an amazing meal.  I do not always use precise measurements.  I am establishing a common sense approach to cooking and want to  help others develop the same.  Every time you plan on cooking, you may not need to bring your cook-book, youtube videos, various measuring spoons, measuring cups, and complex cooking utensils.  Admittedly, for learning particular recipes and techniques, you should devote some time to precision.  But, that is not what this blog is about for the most part. My recipes will provide for alternative ingredients where I can.  Never again should you say, “I forgot the peas, this recipe is doomed!”  Substitutions help you make the most of what is in your fridge. I am a beginner, so my recipes are easy.  I am generally pressed for time, so my recipes are quick.  I actually encourage you to read the recipe a few times leisurely, and then try to cook the dish from memory.   This will help you problem-solve as you cook, and learn how to make food without following recipes.


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