Goodbye Galveston, TX

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As you might know from my ramblings on this blog (or ramblings in person) my husband lives in Galveston, TX, a solid fifty miles away… correction fifty point two miles away.  We have done longER distance before, so this is a treat for us, but still, on a hard day, I want to come home to my person.

We have embraced his years in Galveston.  The slower pace compared to Houston is a nice get-a-way.  The beachy breeze and ocean sounds are my favorite, even if the sands aren’t the cleanest to take a walk on.  But it is all coming to an end friends, it is his last few weeks in Galveston!

So here’s a quick list of some Galveston spots I’d say are worth a visit:

  • Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream (see my full post here: eatsbyPK: What’s the Scoop? The Ice Cream Scoop)
  • Mod Coffeehouse
  • Sunflower Bakery
  • Sky Bar Sushi
  • Blvd. Seafood
  • Mosquito Cafe
  • Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza and Italian Restaurant
  • Shrimp n’ Stuff
  • Shearn’s
  • Olympia Grill
  • Yamato Japanese (for hibachi)
  • Truth be told, Popeye’s – because eating fried chicken, while sitting on the back of his car, while watching the ocean, was pretty awesome.

So with that, here’s my tribute to Galveston.


 Hey Mikey’s, I will Miss you!  When we come back to visit, you will always be our first stop! 

Actually owned by Mikey himself, this local treasure is a favorite of mine. They nail their flavors and the creativity is out of this world!

Harborside Mercantile, we met too late my friend, but thanks for helping us say Goodbye Galveston over a delicious meal.  

Harborside Mercantile is a brand new spot on the historic “Strand,” serving local seafood, New Orleans dishes, & beer & wine served in a casual but beautiful dining room!

Sky Bar, how did you know?  There is nothing like a pile of avocado, fresh tuna, and magic sauce.  I’ll miss this one for sure! 

This is a go-to spot for our weeknights in Galveston – Sky Bar Steak & Sushi. They have excellent happy hour specials! We pretty much always get this Avocado Salad (Avocado stuffed with seaweed salad, diced tuna, white fish, and a special sauce)! This is only half of the order, so we always split. ($10.95)

Sunflower Bakery, thanks for making us feel at home while we eat our over-easy eggs, hash browns, and of course Challah French Toast!  Also, I will never forget my short-term addictive obsession with the Creme Puffs at the Bakery Counter!

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Okay, this picture sucks, BUT Challah French Toast at Sunflower Bakery is AMAZING! I love Sunflower Bakery generally.

Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza, we took a break from packing up the condo on this rainy Sunday to come eat some comfort-pizza.  We got jalapenos, pepperoni, and fresh basil, and yep, it was comforting!


Mod Coffeehouse, you are truly the spirit of Galveston.  You capture the beach vibe with your relaxed atmosphere, but also the sophistication of the many art galleries in the neighborhood.  I will miss sitting on your patio, sipping my London Fog! 

Took this pic from their own facebook page – I LOVE Mod Coffee (right next to Hey Mikey’s).
Also Mod Coffee, how cute is this place?