Life is short, create a food blog?

So about that blog…

Life is short.  I notice the days flashing before my eyes, without a chance to create true memories.  But, I also noticed that when I have my best eats, the memories form.  Surrounded by friends or colleagues, eating a great meal, everything becomes unforgettable.  The entire occasion is enhanced, the dinner conversation echoes into the future, reminding me of the company, food, and drinks enjoyed.

My long days are also enhanced by cooking.  As an attorney, “free time” does not exist (we literally charge by the 6-minute increment, so trust me, time is NOT free).    If I can come home and make a simple meal for myself, or for two, at least at the end of the day I have created something, something for my enjoyment and nourishment, or for the enjoyment of others.  Shake off the worries of the day when you approach your kitchen, and try to leave your stresses behind.

Finally, food should nourish you.  It should make you healthier and stronger.  I am not a nutritionist.  I could do better at this topic.  But I will share what I know and what I am learning about nutrition, eating organic, eating clean, and sustainability, among other topics.

I made this blog to pay homage to food.  


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