Welcome to Houston Hopdoddy Burger Bar

I LOVE a good burger.  To me, that is a burger with a thick juicy patty, made with fresh ground beef, cooked to a light pink center.  A beef patty that lovely must be gently cushioned between the soft warmth of perfect hamburger buns.  Hopdoddy delivers every freaking time with their burgers.  That is because they live by some awesome food rules,  like the the beef comes from cows without growth hormones or antibiotics.  The menus vary per location based on local ingredients.  They grind their own beef daily, in-house (they also grind their turkey, chicken, tuna, etc. for their other “burgers,” but I’m all about the beef burger). The buns are also made from scratch and baked daily.

I first experienced the magic of Hopdoddy in Dallas, TX at the Preston location meeting a good friend for lunch.  We had burgers and milkshakes, and then went into food-comas at our respective jobs.  Then, a few years later when my husband and I were in Austin, TX for fun, we realized he had not yet tried a Hopdoddy Burger.  So we went to the ORIGINAL in Austin, TX on South Congress, and waited in line for at least an hour drinking their milkshakes and beer, letting our appetites grow as we waited.  We ended up eating three burgers between the two of us (stop judging).  Hopdoddy opened in San Antonio,TX earlier this year, and has opened a number of other locations too.   And then we just waited and waited and waited and WAITED for the Houston location to arrive.

It is finally here, in the new glitzy River Oaks District.  The fancy shopping center, lined with high-end fashion boutiques, has this neighborhood burger spot to bring it back down to earth with a $7 dollar perfect, “all-American” cheeseburger.  Right now the lines are crazy but we went on a weeknight and were able to grab two seats quickly at the bar. Thanks, Hopdoddy and welcome to Houston!

THE CLASSIC BURGER$7 Angus Beef, Red Leaf Lettuce, White Onion, Ripe Beefsteak Tomato, Sassy Sauce (added cheddar) 



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