What’s the Scoop? The Ice Cream Scoop. (Part II)

Four years ago, I started to fall in love.  He was reserved but forward, introverted but confident, handsome, and sweet to me… talk about a dreamy man!  But a relationship with him would have to be long distance, since he was moving to Galveston, Texas.  Thank goodness, I fought off all my better judgment, and stuck with my heart (and stuck with him).  If not, I wouldn’t be marrying the man of my dreams and…

I never would have visited Galveston, Texas and tried Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream! 

Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream


On my first visit to Hey Mikey’s, we parked in a Galveston neighborhood (notable for its pastel colored homes, and palm trees), walked into a small house, and found inside an adorable ice cream adventure.  The flavors are uniquely made by Mikey himself, and a chalk board invites customers to invent their own.  I have always loved the Chai flavor and Red Velvet flavor.


Recently, Hey Mikey’s moved to Galveston’s “downtown” Post Office Road, which I think just might be the cutest, quaintest, street in all of Texas.  I am happy to see Hey Mikey’s maintain the quirkiness of a family-owned ice cream shop, despite its more commercial location. (click to read more about the history of Hey Mikey’s). On my last visit, Mikey’s son was working behind the counter, and he had invented the “snicker doodle peanut butter” flavor, which was delicious!

I tip my hat to you, Hey Mikey’s!  Thanks for bringing the sweetness!


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