What’s the Scoop? The Ice Cream Scoop. (Part I)

It is August, so it is HOT.  I don’t know who you are, or where you are, but I bet it is hot wherever you are too.  In Texas, we are getting to our 100-degree days. There are few remedies for this increasingly hot weather.  (Solutions to global warming? sorry, not on this blog, but certainly a compelling topic).  Ice cream – yes, that is certainly one way to handle this problem. What do I look for in an ice cream (or gelato): (1) Natural and creative flavors: (2) Not a syrupy sweetness; (3) Locally owned and of course (4) delicious!  

I will be posting all month-long about my favorite ice cream spots.  So here we go:


Fort Worth, Texas
(Coming to Dallas’ Oak Cliff Area Soon *CLICK FOR MORE INFO*)


Visits to Fort Worth, Texas are always sweet for me.  I get to visit my sweet-as-ice-cream sister, my always-jovial brother-in-law, and the most ridiculously-cute toddler of all time, my niece.  My last visit was extra sweet as we stopped at this awesome, creative, locally owned ice-cream shop:  Melt I love being greeted by yellow brick walls and blue sunny skies (pictured above), but what was inside was even better.


The  reminder to “treat yo self” always helps.

The menu changes based on new inventions as can be seen by the hand-written menu below.  I was particularly happy to see the use of Dude Sweet Chocolate (a local chocolate shop) to make the chocolate ice cream.  The chocolate ice cream had a subtle-sweet taste.   I got a  scoop of “chocolate chocolate” and one scoop of “beans” (vanilla beans that is) and these two classic flavors were perfect.  IMG_4581

Now, Melt is not only about the delicious ice cream melting off your cone.  It is also about melting your heart.  Melt has a local and global impact, beyond just making people happy with delicious ice cream.  Along with pairing with other local businesses, like Dude Sweet Chocolate, to motivate mutual success, Melt has an altruistic side: 

“While creating the best ice cream and a happy experience is MELT’s top priority, we believe that every business can have a larger impact on the world. MELT chooses to partner with non-profits that believe in – and institute – sustainable practices to empower and educate the less fortunate. Globally, MELT pays college tuition for a student named Emmy in a war-torn country in northern Africa. MELT also has a partner in South Africa that employs local women to design and craft artisan bags (which may be purchased at the shop). Locally, MELT regularly works with non-profits and organizations that align with the shop’s mission and with our signature belief: Ice cream can change the world, one scoop at a time.”

How can you not love this place?  For the record, my niece approves.  


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