Burrata on Everythang.

This is not a recipe really.  This is about a philosophy – a Burrata  Philosophy.

At restaurants I am often drawn to the Burrata appetizers.  In part, all this time, it was because I rarely eat Burrata.  It is not your everyday cheese.

On one of my routine trips to Whole Foods, while wandering around just taking it all in (yes, I do that), I came across the container of Burrata. I picked it up for closer observation; the cheese ball, floating in that murky water, hanging like a cloud.  Could this really be as delicious and delicate as the Burrata I get at restaurants?  I was skeptical, but went for it.  And wow.  WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL MY LIFE without eating store-bought Burrata!?  And then I realized, I need to change my philosophy on Burrata; Burrata can be had on my dining table, or better yet on my couch while watching Bravo (snuggled up with my cat).  I do not have to reserve the indulgence for restaurant dining. 

Wait a Minute….What is Burrata Cheese? If you are new to Burrata cheese, it is an exquisite Italian cheese.  The outer-shell is fresh mozzarella but the inside is cream and mozzarella making it full of moisture.  When you cut it open, the creaminess oozes out like cutting into a poached egg and revealing the yolk.  If you don’t like a moist texture you may not prefer this.  It has a distinct cream taste, and almost quenches your thirst like milk. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.24.12 PM

I tried Burrata on a number of salads.  Photographed below is kale, apples, a touch of balsamic, and Burrata.  The apple and Burrata played together perfectly.  


It is tomato season so I also grabbed a huge heirloom tomato while in the produce section.  I made this tomato salad, dressed with olive oil and fresh basil from my balcony garden, and of course a huge portion of my Burrata.


The Buratta came in one large ball, but I did not hesitate to slice it and eat it in portions.  I kept the portions in the water and container that it came with.  Also, I ate it all within 3 days as recommended after opening it. 

This simple item, which is usually quite expensive at restaurants, can easily enhance your homemade salads and meals. 

I will be seeing Burrata in my fridge more often and will share more Burrata recipes with you as I practice The Burrata Philosophy. 


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