how MATCHA do you love MATCHA?


After posting on my instagram (@eatsbyPK), about my favorite homemade matcha green tea latte, and getting a lot of love (likes), I decided it was worthy of a full blog post.  Thanks for the love my instagram world.  So here’s the full scoop on matcha green tea including: What is it? How to make it? Why HOMEMADE is the way to go?

What’s Matcha?

First of all, matcha is different from other teas, because it is a fine powder made from tea leaves.   When you normally drink tea, you let the leaves steep and toss the leaves, but with matcha, the powder disintegrates into your tea, and you get all the benefits of the tea leaves.

I get my matcha from David’s Tea.  My first visit to David’s Tea was in Quebec, Canada on a memorable trip with my sister back in 2012.  We stumbled on David’s Tea coincidentally.  David’s Tea is like Teavana in that it focuses on a variety of teas, but the vibe is more playful and it is A LOT more affordable.  As a Texan, I mostly order online and my sister has gifted to me more David’s Tea to supply my tea-addiction (sometimes enablers are doing the right thing).  I got my matcha years later  from the location on Bleeker Street in New York City, also an adorable storefront location.  But wherever you are… the world is at your finger tips, and you can order online.  (ahh, the beauty of online shopping). 

How to make a matcha green tea latte at home:

  1. HEAT your water to 165 F degrees.  I have a genius kettle (purchased on amazon) that heats water to the correct temperature depending on the type of tea, but if you are not obsessed with tea-related gadgets, just remember green tea should be less hot than black tea. 
  2. WHISK a half tea-spoon of matcha powder into your cup of hot water (leave some room for milk, I suggest at least a 3/4 ratio for a latte).  You can use a real whisk, or a specific matcha whisk, or worse case scenario, just vigorously use a fork.
  3. MILKIFY your matcha with your favorite milk or milk substitute.  Stir some more to get some frothiness.  Sweeten if you need to.  To heighten the experience, drink from your favorite mug, wear a comfy sweater, and pet a cat .

Why homemade is the way to go? 

Matcha has health benefits, like antioxidants, but if you are buying matcha from a cafe and do not know what is going into it, you could be loading up on unnecessary sugars. 

Compare the Starbucks matcha green tea nutrition label, with the David’s Tea nutrition labelThe one at Starbucks has as much sugar as a can of soda!  This is because their matcha powder is loaded up with sugar. 

I am all about moderation, so if you go to Starbucks for your matcha green tea latte fix, just call it what it is, a guilty pleasure, and enjoy it even more.  But you can easily make one at home, and reap the health benefits of matcha instead of buying a sugar rush. 


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