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My affinity for pie began mostly with a special pie shop in Dallas, Texas called Emporium Pies, which is a small house turned into a pie shop, where the staff wear aprons and smiles, and you  feel like you are ordering from some adorable grandma’s kitchen counter.  Until then, pie for me seemed like an appropriate dessert for a holiday meal, but otherwise I never thought, “well I’d like to eat some pie!”

When my friend suggested a pie shop, Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, NY, I wanted to go see if other pie shops had also captured the magic of pie.  What I loved was that this pie shop had the same homey feeling.   When you walk in you feel like you are walking into a friend’s kitchen and dining room, the aroma of pie hanging in the air, welcoming you.

I should add, by this point, I was stuck in NYC against my will.  My flight home was canceled due to bad weather, but when life gives you lemons… eat pie.  Something about a slice of pie can make you feel at home, wherever you are.  

Twenty & Four Blackbirds uses seasonal ingredients to make different pie menus per season.  The Spring Menu featured a number of interesting pies, split into “Custard Pies,” “Fruit Pies,” and “Chocolate Pies.”  I tried one of each… just for you so I can write this review. 😉

The Salty Honey ™ custard pie was for a true honey lover (like me).  It almost had a butterscotch taste to it in my opinion, which made it a little sweet, but the large salt granules certainly served as a counter-balance to the sweetness.

Salt Honey on Left; Black Bottom Oat on Right
Black Bottom Oat on Left; Salt Honey on Right

The Black Bottom Oat chocolate pie tasted a lot like a oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookie in the form of a pie.  That being said, it is delicious, and I loved it, but I probably needed a glass of milk to chug with it to counter the sweetness and sometimes dryness of oats.

But… the Strawberry Streusel Pie was THE BEST FRUIT PIE I HAVE EVER HAD.  A good fruit pie can be exciting, but generic.  This pie was so moist and delicious.  Each strawberry was perfectly sweetened but still had the tart taste of fresh strawberries.  The crust was not too sweet and added the buttery/saltiness that I prefer on a fruit pie crust. 


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