PK EATS Brooklyn, New York (Part I)


If I post a restaurant review on this blog, it means I would recommend you visit the restaurant.  Any publicity is good publicity.  I don’t intend on giving a platform to restaurants that fall short, either in taste or service.

One of my favorite eats in Brooklyn, NY a few weeks ago included Vinegar Hill House.  This is my advice based on my experience:

Go to Vinegar Hill House.  Be seduced by the candle lit dining room or precious garden. 

Walk the cobble-stoned roads, visit a place of the past, eat New American food done well, and cornbread that will “change your life.”

We had a late 9:00 PM reservation, and when we walked in the restaurant was lit almost entirely by candles, giving it a dim warm glow. I loved basking in that glow for the duration of my dinner. 

We ordered the following:

  • Burrata, parsnips, hazelnuts, tomato-white wine gastrique ($14)
  • Chicken Liver Mousse, vinegar onions, pistachios ($14)
  • Ocean Trout, carrots, meyer lemon, basil, almonds ($28)
  • Cornbread, hot honey, butter ($9)

Burrata.  Here’s the deal, burrata is generally so good.  It is hard to mess this up, but Vinegar Hill House did an innovative rendition by adding some acidity with the tomato-white wine gastrique, and some texture with the parsnips.  Burrata generally has a an outer layer of solid mozzarella, and an inside full of mozzarella and creme, kind of like the chocolate truffle of cheeses, but even better. 


Chicken Liver Moose.  I got this plate to be adventurous, but I was disappointed, perhaps because it did not have the complex taste of foie gras, and the pate on bread format by which it was served just wasn’t that impressive.  I know all the reasons why eating foie gras is controversial, so when I do eat it, I expect it to be over the top.  Likewise, I expected something special here, but I got tired of eating it within a few bites.

Ocean Trout.  I love a seafood dish done well.  The trout was well seasoned, adequately moist, and had a crisp skin (something I love achieving on my own fish recipes).  The pairing with basil, lemon, and almonds made it refreshing and earthy.  The fish filet was served over greens and roasted potatoes.  It was light but filling. 


Cornbread.  Other reviewers have said, “THIS CORNBREAD WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”  It is that good.  Served hot in a skillet, uncut and with a glob of butter on top, this side dish is worth the trip to Vinegar Hill House on its own.  The cornbread is the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and has that outer layer of crispness.   

I had some other fun food adventures in Brooklyn, NY, I will be sharing them too, in Part II and Part III.


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