Something about summertime invites people to get outside and cook on the grill while sipping on cold cocktails or beers. 

I tried out two things this past weekend: asparagus (I figured you can’t go wrong), & watermelon with feta and thyme (I thought, this could go very wrong, but why not).   

Next time you attend a barbecue this summer, or fire up the grill at your home, try these two items:  

  1. Lightly Seasoned Asparagus: crisp asparagus with just the right amount of salt and lemon add something special and sophisticated to your summer barbecue.  
  2. Watermelon with Feta and Thyme:  the feta perfectly compliments the watermelon, and the thyme adds a depth of flavoring to make this dish memorable, savory, sweet, and playful.  

My foodie friend (and often foodie teacher) Foodealist gave me tips on how to season the asparagus.  Follow his blog here.  Thank you, Foodealist! 

Asparagus, its what's for dinner.
Asparagus, its what’s for dinner.

What do you need: 

1. Asparagus

2. Olive Oil (get some good stuff, the extra virgin olive oil)

3. Sea salt

4. Watermelon

5. Thyme (don’t have thyme? use another herb like basil, mint, or rosemary from your herb garden)

6. Feta Cheese Crumbles 

7. One Lemon

What to do:

1. Fire up your grill.

2. Rinse your asparagus, pat dry.

3. Cut your watermelon.

4. Cover both generously with olive oil.  (Remember though, that while olive oil is healthier than other oils, it should still be used in moderation).  

5. Salt both the asparagus and watermelon.  

6. Zest one lemon over the asparagus and/or squeeze some lemon juice over it.  Now, it is ready for the grill.  

7. Place asparagus over the grill.  Cook until glistening green and a few grill marks (if you have floppy asparagus, you have overcooked them).  Use tongs to turn as needed.  

8. Massage fresh chopped thyme into the watermelon.  Top one side with feta cheese.   Cook until warm (you may not get grill marks because of the moist watermelon).  Use thyme as a garnish. 

Your additions to the summer fling will make the meal a bit healthier, a little more colorful, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, much more delicious.  


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