5 Reasons to Herb Garden

eatsbyPK’s herb garden on her balcony (nothing fancy, but does the job)


1. SAVE MONEY:  Buying herbs at the grocery store is pricey, and it is difficult to get fresh herbs every time you cook something that calls for it.  You will spend $30-$50 on your first herb garden, and it will last you all year long if not longer (move it inside during the winter to preserve).  Plant some green to save some green.  

2. COOK BETTER: Fresh herbs are the easiest way to enhance your meals.  Add a few stems of fresh rosemary to chicken or steak while cooking and your meat will instantly be LOADED with fresh flavor.  Add basil to you pasta dishes or make a fresh bruschetta (tomato, basil, onion, on toast with garlic butter).  Mint is great to have on hand as well.  You can make fresh mint tea (just add hot water to your mint leaves), or you can add it to a fresh feta and watermelon salad for summer.

3. EAT MORE YUMMY:  This obviously goes hand-in-hand with the last point, but fresh herbs can’t be replaced with a bottle of dry herbs and spices to achieve the same taste.  Also, by using organic plants and refraining from pesticides, you can make your herb garden organic very easily.  I won’t opine on the health benefits of fresh herbs, but others certainly have:  WebMD (stating that herbs are most beneficial when eaten fresh).

4. PLANT SOMETHING:  Okay, to be honest, you may not have thought about photosynthesis since fourth grade, but that crap is amazing.  With plants, you also get someone waiting for you when you come home.  Okay, that’s a lie, but they will die without you.  How romantic is that?  If you are out of town a lot, or a neglectful partner in this relationship with your plant, buy these watering globes.

5. SHINRIN-YOKU:  This Japanese phrase really means “forest-bathing” and there is no equivalent in western languages.  Many Eastern traditions understand the health benefits of being in nature.  Science is catching up to tradition to confirm that being in nature has its healing powers beyond myth and concepts of spirituality.  (Read about the potential health benefits).  This small herb garden might force you out on your patio or balcony more often, and even inspire you to garden vegetables, fruits, and flowers down the road.  Get some dirt on your hands, smell the fresh soil, and add some nature to your meal.


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