Easy Like Sunday Morning – Brunch at Josephine House of Clarksville (Austin, TX)

A quaint house turned classic restaurant, this brunch spot is perfect.

Ambiance:  A small house converted into a restaurant with a beautiful patio, and a marble top bar.  This restaurant only has a few tables, so a reservation is recommended.

Food: My favorite brunch, ever, ever, in life, happened here this weekend.

The Short Rib Hash ($20): fresh and light, unlike any other hash I have ever had, and loaded with unique vegetables (broccoli & sweet potatoes) in addition to the traditional diced potatoes.  The meat was perfectly seasoned and tender.  Cut the egg on top to create a yolk volcano and scoop some yolky-goodness with each bite.  Also this hash features a garlic tomato sauce to add acidity, cutting through the savory flavors.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes ($16): literally melted in my mouth.  I actually said, “I feel like I am eating soft pillows,” as I ate these. You can hardly taste the ricotta, but it works well with the lemon to add a tiny bit of sour to your bite (not too much), and adds moisture.  The pancakes were topped with high-quality maple syrup and strawberries.  Josephine House also has house-made cultured butter.  How many restaurants can say they make their own butter?  You butter-believe it.

Overall:  Josephine House is my first restaurant review, because I am so eager for you to try it.  The portions were perfect sized for me; no leftovers.  I like to preach quality over quantity.  You can also order pastries and fresh-squeezed fruit juice if you want to add more to your spread.

Something Special:  To end your meal, your bill is tucked into a small brochure with a map to the other establishments owned by the same group in Austin, such as fine dining restaurant Jeffrey’s.  “Keeping in tune” with Austin’s musical influence, the brochure provides a recommended music playlist.

Map music list

Photo credit http://josephineofaustin.com


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